Emergency Alert System/Safety

Harford Community College uses the HCC ALERT ME emergency notification system to provide urgent information to students and employees in the event of a nonscheduled College closing or emergency.

Recipients will be notified via phone, email and/ or text messaging. Other forms of communication used during an emergency include:

  • Email and/or telephone alerts (students and employees must keep their contact information updated through OwlNet)
  • Emergency Notification Line (443-412-2322)
  • HCC website
  • Building notices
  • WHFC 91.1 FM
  • Route 22 electronic sign
  • Computer message (for all users logged into campus network)
  • Campus voice mail (employees only)
  • Public address broadcast

Emergency Closing Information

When severe weather conditions or other issues require the College to alter its operating schedule, the following radio and television stations will broadcast College announcements:

AM Radio Stations

  • WBAL Baltimore (AM1090)
  • WNAV Baltimore (AM 1430)
  • WCAO Baltimore (AM 600)
  • WOLB Baltimore (AM1010)
  • WCBM Baltimore (AM 680)
  • WWIN Baltimore (AM 1400)

FM Radio Stations

  • WIYY Baltimore (FM 97.9)
  • WRBS Baltimore (FM 95.1)
  • WEAA Baltimore (FM 88.9)
  • WRNR Baltimore (FM 103.1)
  • WERQ Baltimore (FM 92.3)
  • WCHH Baltimore (FM 104.3)
  • WHFC HCC (FM 91.1)
  • WWIN Baltimore (FM 95.9)
  • WLIF Baltimore (FM 101.9)
  • WWMX Baltimore (FM 106.5)
  • WPOC Baltimore (FM 93.1)
  • WXCY Havre de Grace (FM103.7)
  • WQSR (JACK) Baltimore (FM 102.7)
  • WZBA Baltimore (FM 100.7)

Television Stations

  • WBAL-TV Channel 11
  • WJZ-TV Channel 13
  • WBFF-TV Channel 45
  • WMAR-TV Channel 2

You may also call 443-412-2322 or visit our website http://www.harford.edu, for emergency closing announcements. 

Closing of an off-campus location (APG, public schools, etc.) will result in automatic canceling of scheduled HCC classes at that particular location even if on-campus classes are not canceled. therefore, College personnel and students are not expected to attend these classes. Off - campus HCC classes and activities will also be canceled if the College announces that it has officially closed.

REPORT an Emergency

To REPORT an emergency: Call Department of Public Safety
at 443-412-2272 or ext. 2272 from
on-campus phones.

Numbers to Remember

  • Department of Public Safety:
    443-412-2272 (ext. 2272 from
    on-campus phones)
  • 911 for Immediate Assistance
  • Emergency Notification Line: